Are you offering one of our bed sets or a bath set as a gift? Opt for a fabric package, more ecological and reusable. At Essix, we have made several of our bedding designs into furoshiki, a square of fabric used as gift wrap. 

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But what is Furoshiki about? Very practical, the furoshiki is also a product of great aesthetics ... to the point that it almost becomes a gift in itself! So, for your next gifts, choose this Japanese technique of the most effect, and more respectful of the planet !



A Japanese technique of folding and knotting fabric that has now been elevated to an art form, furoshiki was originally intended to protect valuables and then to carry toiletries to the public bath.


For a few years now, the method has been moving away from its usual use to become a trendy and ecological fabric packaging. No more gift wrap that ends up in the trash, the fabric is reused, passed on and has a second life!



There is not one technique for folding furoshiki, but a multitude. The method chosen will depend on different criteria: the type of products (size, shape), the dimensions of the square of fabric, the expected result, etc. No need to worry though, if many tutorials are available on the internet, we have summarized, in only four points, how to successfully fold your fabric. Here is our method of folding the furoshiki:


Place your square of fabric facing you, in the direction of a diamond. Then place your item in the center. 
Fold over the left side and then secure the tip of the fabric by holding it under the object to be wrapped. 
Fold over the right side by sliding the fabric underneath the gift, then fold over the product to overlap the left side. 
Fold the two remaining tips toward the center and tie a knot. 

Now you know how to fold a furoshiko!