Decorative and above all very practical, cloth napkins are our daily allies... and our friendly diners! Perfect for creating a variety of atmospheres - sometimes elegant, sometimes casual - they ensure the comfort of your guests throughout the meal. Soft and durable, Coucke table linens promise quality and durability. 

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Made in France, our cotton or polyline napkins are available in many colors. They will perfectly complete your table setting by matching your tablecloth.




If you're like us, you love to spend time setting beautiful tables around which to gather family and friends. For this occasion, bring out your best table linens. Designed as decorative pieces with great durability, Coucke products will quickly become your dinner party essentials. 


Our range of Cambrai plains is available in a wide range of colors. This 100% cotton range is certified "Origine France Garantie". The weaving of the fabric is done in the Vosges, the dyeing and making up stages are done in the north, the creation basin of the Coucke brand


Made of polylin, the La Lilloise collection is composed of a blend of linen and polyester. A most refined marriage that offers a noble beauty to the linen but also a durable resistance. Easy to live with and easy to maintain, these durable napkins can be used on all tables, whether they are round, square or rectangular! 



Anxious to meet your desire to buy local, the brand Coucke works to design napkins and tablecloths Made in France. The La Lilloise range is certified "ORIGIN FRANCE GUARANTEED" thanks to its mainly national manufacturing (weaving in the Vosges, dyeing in the Pas de Calais, making in the North of France). A committed approach that preserves a good number of jobs and keeps the French textile know-how alive.


Designed with a sustainable and local approach, our cloth napkins are made in France and mainly made of linen. This natural fiber, which is produced in an environmentally friendly way because it requires less water, has many advantages in terms of comfort and resistance.




Available in a rich palette of colors, our napkins are suitable for all occasions (everyday meals, family gatherings, romantic dinners, holiday receptions...). With bright colors like yellow or red, you'll give your table a cheerful summer spirit. Green and blue, on the other hand, will be perfect for natural and vegetal tables. Finally, opt for white napkins to bring a touch of refinement to your table setting. 


And why not mix colors? This way, you create a perfectly tailored decoration, totally in your image. Use different colored napkins or choose a shade that will contrast the tablecloth, it's up to you to find the option that suits you best!


In addition to the colors, the mix and match also works with the materials! So don't hesitate to mix cotton and linen or linen and polycotton on your table. The result, full of character, will give a lot of effect to your dressing. 



In addition to the art of mismatching products and colors - we're talking mix and match here of course! -Give your table more relief with pretty napkin folds. Choose cloth napkins rather than paper ones, it's a question of ecology, and rather thick. The folding will be simplified and much better!


Cambrai in 160g/m² weight and the Lilloise in 220g/m² weight, our towels meet your needs perfectly and will be perfect to create an original decoration, without false notes!