- Our materials -

To each his own comfort! At Essix, all our products are made of durable and resistant cotton. Fibers worked in different weaves to meet everyone's needs. 

Essix cotton


At Essix, we have made cotton our preferred raw material. And to guarantee your comfort night after night, we only work with fibers that meet strict specifications. This requirement guides our sourcing of cotton from Europe, Turkey and Africa. 


A 100% pure combed cotton, very long fibers and a fine thread: these are the guarantees of the quality of our brand. But why cotton? For its undeniable properties! Soft, breathable, absorbent and very pleasant to the touch, it also has the advantage of being easy to maintain. 




The essential cotton percale

for those who are hot at night


Recognizable by its matte appearance, cotton percale is known for its softness and cool touch. A light and breathable material that offers a lot of comfort in bed, especially for those who are hot at night. 


Our 80 threads/cm² cotton percale is very tightly woven and guarantees a remarkable longevity. An easy-care fabric thanks to an easy-care treatment that facilitates the ironing of our plain and two-tone fabrics. 


The warm cotton sateen sheets

...for the cold-hearted


Silky and soft, cotton sateen is a cocoon of comfort. A delicately shiny material that subtly reflects light and gives colors an extra intensity. 


Our cotton sateen sheets (80 threads/cm²) are endowed with a beautiful flexibility which facilitates the maintenance of the material, and more specifically its ironing. 




The practical 57 thread cotton

...for small budgets


The 57 thread count cotton is the ideal material to equip yourself with a quality linen, without ruining yourself. A material recommended for children's rooms where it will prove its robustness and breathability. In short, a good basic that we should all have at home!


A true chameleon of decoration, 57 thread count cotton can adopt a smooth look - easy to achieve with ironing - or a more trendy, slightly crumpled style. 





Easy to live with washed cotton

...for those who don't like to iron

Thanks to a unique washing process, our washed cotton has an irresistible look and feel. A material with a delicately wrinkled look that is reminiscent of washed linen.


Soft as a peach skin, the washed cotton (57 threads/cm²) is perfect for those who like comfort without effort. A fabric that can be washed at 40°C... and a linen that does not need to be ironed!


The soft washed cotton gauze linen

...for cocooning enthusiasts

As soft as a blanket, cotton gauze is the perfect regressive material for cocooning. No more icy sheets to slip into, cotton gauze offers real comfort all year round thanks to its breathable and absorbent properties. A well-being sublimated by a natural waffle look.


Our double cotton gauze linen (120 g/m²) is the right balance between softness and resistance. A choice composition for this airy fabric that does not need to be ironed. The use of the tumble dryer is recommended to accentuate the embossing of the fabric.