- Our commitments -


Sharing the taste for beautiful things, passing on our know-how, enjoying the softness of natural materials... this is what drives us at Essix. Deep values that inspire our desire to move mountains and offer you the best of our linens.


Beautiful materials rigorously selected 

 In love with beautiful and comfortable materials, we work with cotton in all its forms. Cotton percale, cotton satin, cotton gauze or washed cotton, we focus on this soft and resistant fiber, worked in different weaves, in order to meet the needs of most people.


Pleasant and comfortable, our products are also resistant thanks to the exclusive use of long cotton fibers. A criterion of choice to ensure the durability of our products. 


Oeko-Tex certified products


In order to ensure your well-being in the sheets but also your health, we have chosen to have our products certified by the Oeko-Tex label. This label guarantees a production without prohibited substances and, consequently, the non-noxiousness of our textiles. 


At Essix, no less than 92%[1]  of our bed linen is now Oeko-Tex certified. A figure that we aim to increase in the years to come. Objective 100%! 




Trusted partners


For over 60 years, Essix has been designing, manufacturing and offering quality linens from carefully selected workshops. These expert professionals have become our daily partners and we trust them to produce beautiful and durable linens.

Supporting the French textile industry  


Essix is located in the Hauts-de-France, near Lille, a region historically linked to the textile industry. Proud of what others have accomplished before us, we are committed to offering more and more products made in France, while remaining accessible. 


In this way, we are committed to offering quality bed linen, produced in good working conditions, but also to preserving jobs and know-how. A real support for the economy of the region and the valorization of jobs in tension.



Towards more ecological packaging

Sensitive to environmental concerns, Essix wishes to act in favor of the planet. If more and more products are manufactured in France, thus reducing our carbon footprint, we have also chosen to change our packaging. Little by little, and with each new season, we are replacing plastic packaging with kraft effect paper sleeves. 

Our core business? Decorating advice 

If there is a value dear to our hearts, it is the value of sharing. Our tastes, our inspirations, our knowledge. At Essix, we have made this one of our priorities. Passionate about decoration, we are never short of advice. 


From the latest trends, to product combinations, to decorative items, we exist to bring you our love of stylish interiors. Help you find your personality and assert it in your home!