- Essix brand -


With Essix, the most beautiful journeys are experienced at night


Sweet imaginations that bring stars to your eyes. Beautiful stories to tell. Essix has only one desire: to re-enchant the world of bed linen with finesse and poetry. 


Our history


From Solintex to Essix

The Essix story begins in 1928, in Kortrijk. Our little brand with the star was called Solintex and was a pioneer in the development of printed and fancy comforter covers. An innovation for the sector that allowed it to make a name for itself in the household linen market. 


It was only a few years later, in 1959, that the company officially adopted the name Essix, which is a phonetic reproduction of the first and last letters of the name SolinteX. 


In 2000 , a new adventure begins for the leading brand in the Benelux which joins the French group Vanderschooten. A second wind that allows it to find its voice and to reinforce its image with each collection. Essix products are not only durable and resistant, they are also decorative and inspiring. A guarantee for dreamy nights spent with us. 


A star is born

Our original creations are part of a strong DNA, made of evasion and inspired by the world of magic and dreams. A soft atmosphere punctuated by glittering finishes designed like stars. We have made this celestial world the emblem of our brand. Our proud starry E is our wish for beautiful nights of sleep

A recognized textile know-how

Our reason for getting up every morning? To know you every night in beautiful sheets that last a long time. To do this, we collaborate with carefully selected partner workshops in Europe and Turkey that ensure the quality of what you buy.


Because it is located in the Hauts-de-France region - the cradle of the textile industry, let's not forget! -our brand is lucky enough to benefit from the know-how of its own workshop near Nieppe. Thanks to these skills, we have been guaranteeing robustness and finesse for over 60 years

Always more Made in France 

Proud of our region and its textile expertise, we aim to offer more and more products made in France. An objective already reached with our bedding range. Comforters, pillows and memory foam pillows are 100% French!


To make our projects a reality, we call upon a whole local industry. An ecosystem that is part of a responsible approach, better for people and less impactful for the environment. More Made in France than ever!



Quality materials and feel


We believe in quality, without compromise. Therefore, we attach great importance to the selection of our materials


From the classic percale and cotton sateen, to the trendy washed cotton and cotton gauze, we have chosen to use only beautiful fibers, produced in Oeko-Tex certified factories. This richness of materials, as well as finishes, allows us to offer quality linens, easy to live with and easy to maintain. 


Creating an intergenerational link


Our jewelry has the power to weave precious links between generations. Our goal? To make Essix linens a beautiful product that mothers and daughters pass on to each other over time. To achieve this, we develop designs with timeless, joyful and colorful patterns, always in tune with modernity, that will appeal to all members of the family.


The spirit of travel  

Essix is an invitation to travel, through time and space. Escapades initiated by beautiful and colorful stories. Our models are a reflection of our universe: creative and inspiring.


Our sources of ideas? Walks around the world, dream worlds and fashion. A nice mix of influences for exclusive linen.