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Designers Guild, the flowery brand from across the Channel!

Nice to meet you !


Designers Guild, a brand with a British accent, was founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild, a stylist and interior designer. Thanks to its unique and contemporary style, the British brand is now exported internationally - in over 40 countries! - and offers a wide variety of creations ranging from furnishing fabrics to wallpapers, accessories and household linen. 


How do you recognize Designers Guild products? By their fresh looks that dress up interiors with originality, while remaining chic and elegant


A decorating brand with bold prints



Tricia Guild oversees all of the brand's designs. A stimulating contribution that gives birth to designs that are as decorative as they are striking.


A bit like works of art, the finery and accessories are adorned with sophisticated visuals, hand-drawn and often treated like watercolors. Linen in the form of large colorful hangings, reminiscent of elegant English interiors, where fabrics are an integral part of the decor. 

A counterpoint, the Astor model


The decoration can be daring and made of powerful prints. It can also be more subtle by mixing colors and materials, patterns and solids. Designers Guild understands this and has developed a timeless model that is ideal for playing with the rules of mix and match.


Totally trendy in the world of decoration, this concept is based on the right combination of colors, textures and moods. With its dazzling white and two-tone double ruffle, Astor is meant to be very pure. A perfect contrast for the brand's floral or geometric sets and a real touch of style for the room!


Decoration and home linen, never incidental


True to its DNA, Designers Guild has built over time a fine reputation in the fields of decoration and home linen. This work is visible in bed linen, of course, but also in its range of accessories. The brand has enriched its catalog with ornamental bedspreads, cushion covers and quilts, designed as the ultimate ornamental touch. 

Beautiful materials for lasting comfort

Making beautiful linens requires a careful selection of raw and beautiful materials. At Designers Guild, bedding is all about cotton and its unique properties. Cotton percale and cotton sateen, the brand has opted for quality weaves, offering resistance and softness to its sheets. Aesthetic, the linen must also be very comfortable! 



Giving soul to interiors 


In short, Designers Guild is a way of life, a unique lifestyle. Inspired by colors, bold patterns and high-end materials, the collections are developed with the idea of allowing you to assert your personality.


The brand's signature? Design sets playing sometimes on classic codes, sometimes on contemporary notes! It's up to you to make it a favorite in your bedroom.