- The Coucke brand -  

Coucke, the art of the table high in color!

Everything for the kitchen and the table,

since 1931


It was in 1931, in the North of France, that René Coucke gave birth to the brand that bears his name. His core business at the time? Handkerchiefs! 


But with such a name (doesn't Coucke make you think of the word cook?), wasn't the brand destined to become part of our kitchens? In the 1970s, when the art of living became part of French customs and trendy interiors, Coucke chose to develop its table and kitchen linen offer (tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, kitchen aprons...).


A pinch of traditional inspiration, a hint of modernity: the brand has found the perfect recipe to create a real broth of styles, perfect to please everyone!


 French linen 


It is said that the French are chauvinistic. Why contradict this idea when Coucke - which has the Hauts-de-France at heart! - is committed every day to the preservation of French know-how. 


How do we do it? By guaranteeing that our collections of essentials are mainly made in France. From our partners throughout the country to our own workshop in the Hauts-de-France, we support a whole ecosystem. [1] The brand has been working with certain partners for over 40 years. Faithful relationships of trust that reinforce, every day, its image of excellence. 

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Supporting local companies gives us more flexibility in our creation process and makes us more scrupulous in our specifications. It is a way to maintain the know-how of our country, a pioneer in weaving and textile manufacturing, while guaranteeing original and quality linens.

A socially-responsible brand

Committed to French manufacturing, Coucke is also a socially-responsible brand. We collaborate with some ESATs for the manufacture of certain products. The objective of these collaborations? To accompany the workers towards a professional integration adapted to their capacities and expectations, while offering them the possibility of carrying out a work of quality, recognized by all. 


...and a committed brand as well

In addition, having our products made in France is a militant act, aimed at reducing our environmental impact. A sincere concern reinforced by the decision to install, in April 2018, a Coucke beehive in front of the clothing workshop. A way to protect bees, essential to the planet and the preservation of biodiversity! 

The jacquard, a specialty!


A true expert in table linen, the Coucke brand is now specialized in jacquard tea towels and aprons. This weaving technique allows to print the pattern on the fabric by interweaving colored threads. The design is not simply affixed to the fabric, it is part of it! 


With this method, style comes first! The models, of quality, adopt a moder style and are as beautiful in the place as in the reverse. Beautiful and resistant pieces that are unanimously approved to dress up the kitchen!


Coucke, its licenses and the art of living

At Coucke, the kitchen is perceived as a place for sharing, conviviality and creativity. It's where sweet smells, delicate warmth and a few laughs are released. A gourmet space which, between refuge and art of living, allows personalities to express themselves.  

And what better way to assert your creativity than with original patterns and vintage designs! In addition to its unique creations, Coucke develops models with images of your favorite brands and characters. Kellogg's, The Little Prince, The Laughing Cow, Banania: dress up your home with a retro regressive touch!